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Our group is interested in Carbohydrate Chemistry. We prepare saccharides which are of biological interest and which are used for biochemical studies. We develop new synthetic strategies for complex saccharides including new protecting groups. We are also interested in enzyme reactions, combinatorial synthesis and heterocyclic chemsitry.




Unser Interesse gilt der Kohlenhydratchemie. Wir synthetisieren Oligosaccharide, die von biologischem Interesse sind und biochemischen Studien dienen. Wir entwickeln neuartige Synthesestrategien zum Aufbau komplexer Oligosaccharide einschlie▀lich neuer Schutzgruppentechniken. Wir sind ebenso an Enzymreaktionen, an kombinatorischen Synthesen und Heterocyclen interessiert.






We develop novel synthetic strategies for highly diastereoselective Glycosylations and novel protecting group strategies for oligosaccharide syntheses. For instance, we develop new methods for intramolecular glycosylations via prearranged glycosides which enable the preparation of otherwise difficultly to establish ▀-mannosidic or ▀-rhamnosidic linkages.


Intramolecular Glycosylation




We are also interested in using carbohydrates as ligands for metal-catalyzed enantioselective syntheses. For this purpose we develop syntheses of novel sugar derived ligands which are suitable for transition metal mediated CC bond formations.



Enantioselective Tsuji-Trost Reaction


Chiral Iodonium Catalysts


We also synthezise novel sugar structures related to naturally occurring compounds like peltalosa or rhizobial signal substances


Decadiuloses of the Peltalosa Type



Tributylstannyl Saccharides



Enzymatic Syntheses


We use enzymes like lipases and aldolases for the synthesis of enatiopur compounds and sacchardies which are otherwise difficult to prepare. For example, disaccharides and conduritols were prepared chemoenzymatically this way.


Combinatorial Synthesis


We use combinorial spot-syntheses for the preparation of libraries of fully glycosylated peptides which can mimic oligosaccharides and thus, the interaction of saccharides with proteins.





We develop new heterocyclic synthesis and search for new reactions of heterocyclic compounds. For instance, a novel ring opening reaction of triazoles led to a new variation of the Japp-Klingemann reaction and the preparartion of azo compounds. Likewise, new carbohydrate triazole conjugates and glycosylated phthalocyanines are synthesized.


We also develop syntheses for novel glycosylated phthalocyanines for applications as photosensitizers for photodynmic therapy (PT).







Glycosylated Phthalocyanines